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Repeat Presciptions

  • Repeat prescriptions can be obtained by handing in your computer request slip at reception,by posting it to us with a stamped address envelope or faxing it on 0113 295 4682. Now you can order your repeat medications online
  • If you need your prescription sending to the chemist please inform the chemist yourself.You can now nominate the pharmacy of your choice and they can receive your prescriptions electronically.
  • Please leave your tear off slip in a safe place as you will need this to order your next supply.
  • When your review date is reached you will be asked to see your GP before any repeats can be issued.
  • Please allow 48 hours from receipt of request before collecting.
  • Please remember if your script is handed in on a Friday the script will not be processed until Tuesday the week after.

  • If you put a request in for a repeat medicine that cannot be supplied because the GP needs to see you, the practice will offer you an appointment before your medicine supply runs out. To allow us to perform this service we will need a correct contact number, if you make any changes to your contact details please inform us.
  • We have now gone electronic so if you have nominated a local pharmacy they will receive your prescriptions electronically, please go direct to the pharmacy to collect your medications after an appropriate number of days

Please remember the whole system is set up with safety in mind to ensure that you get the appropriate medicines and review by the GP.


Medication Reviews

Patients on regular medication will be reviewed every six months/yearly. This will be done either in the surgery or by telephone. You may be asked to make an appointment, but please let reception know that it is a request for a medication review.This is normally completed by the GP but the pharmacists also do reviews.