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Test results

The Nurse takes blood samples by appointments only after confirmation with the doctor. Results of routine blood tests and x-rays take 2-10 days to come back; (cervical smears may take longer).You can telephone the surgery after 12.00pm Monday to Friday to discuss results with a Doctor if necessary.

If your results are back the receptionist will let you know if you need to see the doctor/nurse/pick up script/repeat the sample.If you have not heard from the surgery within 2 weeks,there is no need to worry and you do not need to request an urgent appointment in order to obtain your results any quicker. Please note that this is your responsibility to phone the surgery to check that your results are back.

Please note that no diagnosis information will be given over the telephone by the receptionist. Patient information will NOT be shared with any other person except the patient (except for children or in any special circumstances)

X-Rays and Cervical Smears can take time to come back. Please give upto 3 Weeks for results. Smear test results will be posted out to the patient from the screening department. You will be asked to make an appointment with the doctor or nurse if there is any abnormality found.