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Patient Responsibilities

In registering as a patient you agree to keep appointments when booked (or cancel, giving adequate notice of at least 2 hours). You also agree to behave in a social acceptable manner at all times. Repeated non attendance at appointments will almost always result in your removal from the practice list.We are now using a new text messaging service which will give you prior warning for an appointment which is booked. It also allows you to cancel the appointment if you do not require this. Please make sure we have your correct mobile phone numbers so that you can make full use of this service.

Please note that one appointment is booked for each patient. If more time is required please inform the receptionist at the time of booking the appointment. It is important that you inform us of change in contact numbers or address. If you are under the care of a hospital or are awaiting an appointment, please notify them too.


Think First

  1. Please try to avoid telephoning the surgery between 8.30am and 10.00am especially on Mondays, as this is the busiest time. Unless an urgent appointment is required.
  2. Please do not use the telephone to re-order prescriptions. Telephoning can cause dangerous mistakes and blocks the lines preventing patients getting through in emergency.
  3. Please do not telephone on behalf of any patient who is over 16 years old (unless you feel this is urgent) the doctors and staff will not discuss any patient or give out results for any patients. This would be breech patient confidentiality.
  4.  Certificate for sickness Рunder government sick pay regulations:
    • a. No certificate is required for illness of 5 working days or less.
    • b. A self-certificate form should be completed if the illness lasts seven days (including Saturday). These are available from your place of work. If the illness last more than seven days, you will need to obtain a national insurance medical from your doctor. If your employer requires a certificate for an absence of less than seven days we can supply a private one, for which a fee may be charged.
      If you are requiring an ongoing sick note please ask reception as the doctor may not need to see you face to face if they are aware of your condition.


Zero Tolerence

The practice operates a zero tolerance policy in respect of aggression and violence. Any patient who commits a violent or aggressive act towards staff or other patients whilst on surgery premises, or in a place where the practice is providing a service, will be removed from the practice list and reported to the police. The practice will report the incident to NHS Leeds and a request made for the removal of the patient from the practice list with immediate effect.