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2014 GP Practice Patient Survey Report

Patient Group Meeting following Survey

The meeting was held on the 21st of March 2014 at Drighlington Medical Centre. It was attended by Doctors, Practice Manager, Receptionist and 5 patients.

The questionnaire results were discussed and compared with the last year. Overall the results are pleasing but there are still a few patients unhappy with the appointment system. This point was discussed and the Manager has advised that we try our best to make sure the patients are seen within the 48 hour period. There were only a small percentage of unhappy patients and the group has agreed that it is difficult to please everybody. Also the telephone system has been a problem for a while now and we are looking to upgrade to a newer and more efficient system very soon.

Again we had a discussion about the car park. Public are still using our car park for the shops and facilities across the road. Sometimes patients have found it difficult to park when attending for an appointment. We have decided that a gate or a bar to prevent usage out of hours might help prevent overuse of the car park for other reasons.

The Main Station Rd outside the Surgery is also a hazard for patients’ crossing over to the chemist. One of our patients’s told the group that the highways have already been contacted about the safety issue but have not been able to do anything about it. The Practice Manager will try contacting the local MP to see what can be done.

Generally patients are still happy with our service. We discussed the future of possible on line booking which may help some working patients to access appointments. Hopefully the new phone system will help to reduce the anxiety over the phone.

If any patients are interested in joining the forum please contact reception or our Patient group Representative.