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2012 GP Practice Patient Survey Report

NOTE: This survey was completed over a 3 day period in March 2012. The sample was a mixture of patients attending clinics at the practice ( Including both GPs and the practice nurse) and also patients who came for any queries at the reception window.


1. Establish a Patient Reference Group (PRG) comprising of registered patients and use best endeavours to ensure PRG is representative

Our PRG has been established for 3 years. It has included 3 female patients of these ages 70, 65 and 73.

Since the group has been established we have tried to encourage patients to participate through verbal invitation from both doctors and nurse. The members themselves would approach patients outside the surgery setting as well.

We realised that the group was not fully representative of the practice population and it was decided in our PRG meeting 6 months ago that we would try to advertise it better. We placed posters in the waiting area and also in the main corridor where patients exit from. We also placed a poster in the local pharmacy where a large number of patients would be able to view it. We also asked the pharmacist to also ask patients during carrying out MURs whether they would be interested in joining. Doctors and nursing staff are still continuing to ask patients as well during consultations. We now feel we need a male representative and a young mother to fill in the gaps. We could possibly ask the health visitor to ask the new mothers. I have now managed to ask an elderly male who is willing to join the group from now onwards. We will continue to advertise but now we have the new website up and running which will hopefully encourage patients. Following the recent survey there was a question asking if the patient would be interested in joining the PRG. We did have one reply, to which we will contact and invite to future meetings.


2. Agree with the PRG which issues are a priority and include these in a local practice survey.

On the 1st of March 2012 a meeting was held with the PRG, Dr Khan and Iqbal Khan ( Practice Manager)

This meeting was to discuss any points which the group felt needed to be included in the patient survey.

The main issues brought up were as follows:

  1. Appointments system – satisfaction with making urgent appointments and pre bookable appointments.The change of extended hours to evenings
    rather than Saturdays and how this has impacted on the patients.
  2. Availability of the GPs – The group were interested to know if patients were happy with this.
  3. Recent renovations – The group and practice members were interested to know if patients were happy with the cleanliness of the surgery.


3. Collate patient views through local practice survey and inform PRG of the findings

The practice survey was then carried out on the 19th of March 2012. We prepared the questionnaire the week before; this was shown to the PRG for their approval. Enough copies were left in reception and all the consultation rooms which were to be in use.

The reception staff tried to hand out questionnaires to patients before their appointments. If any patient was missed then the doctors and nursing staff would hand them a questionnaire after the consultation. Also patients who came to the reception window for advice or collecting scripts would be asked if they would take 5 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

In a period of 3 days we managed to collect one hundred completed questionnaires. The data was then collated by the Practice Manager and Dr Khan.

We felt that we had reduced bias by asking all patients who attended during that 3 day period. There was a good mixture of age and sex.


4. Provide PRG with opportunity to comment and discuss findings of local practice survey. Reach agreement with PRG of changes in provision and manner of delivery of services. Where the PRG does not agree significant changes, agree these with PCT.

On the 26th of March 2012, we had called the PRG together to discuss the results from the survey. This was attended by the 3 patients from the PRG, Iqbal Khan and Dr Khan.

Each person had a copy of the results to look at and analyse. The following issues were raised;

  1. The only section where there were higher percentages in the strongly disagree and disagree columns were in the appointment systems section. We as a group then decided how we would deal with this. Although they were very small percentages we felt that this was an issue we could try and improve. One patient member did mention that she was not aware of the extended hour’s times. We felt that we could clarify this by making clearer posters, also putting a section into the new website and also making sure the leaflet is also clear about the system for making appointments. In general we had good results for this section.
  2. The other 3 sections scored better and the group did not feel any issues had to be raised on these.
  3. On other matters apart from the Survey, the group mentioned about may be having a section on the website about how to do a choose and book booking and the process. This issue was raised after a discussion about how patients are not coming to collect their booking letters. The patients felt that maybe if there was clarity on the system this would help.

The car parking was mentioned. During surgery hours there seems to be a lot of car parking use for other shops and patients can sometimes struggle to find parking themselves. We have discussed this in the past about getting a PCSO involved. Although there are clear notices around the car park it was decided that we would monitor the car park ourselves and may be put notices on cars that are not using the surgery.


5. Agree with the PRG an action plan setting out priorities and proposals arising out of the local practice survey. Seek PRG agreement to implement changes and where necessary inform the PCT.

1. More descriptive information on appointment system in the Practice leaflet, on the new website and in the waiting area.


6. Publicise the Local Patient Participation Report on the practice website and update the report on subsequent achievement.

We have published our Practice survey on the website ( and also published the achievement. The feedback with the PRG is also to be published.


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